Below are our list of programs. All purchases are non-refundable. all purchases expire 6 months from the date purchase.

BASKETBALL TRAINING (maximum player to trainer ratio of 6:1) 5TH GRADE & UP
This is a 60 minute training session. Our small group training program is the most  effective program that we run. This program runs all year round. Players will learn proper shooting technique, footwork, dribbling, defense, physical and mental toughness and how to play multiple positions. Our professional trainers have trained thousands of  players, both boys and girls of all ages, from elementary school to professional players. All players must register online at least 24 hrs. prior to sessions.

This is a one on one 60 minute training session with one of our professional trainers. During this session our trainers can focus on the specific needs of the player.

This is a 90 minute training session. Team training allows coaches to work with our professional trainers to help teams reach their full potential. All aspects of the game are worked on such as offense, defense, proper shooting technique, footwork and ball handling. Our trainers can customize training sessions to the needs of the coach and the team.  Email us at: for availability.

The gym will be open weekly for supervised scrimmages.  There will be certain nights designated for boys , girls and age groups. We will not be training players at the open scrimmage. If there is not enough kids to run a scrimmage, players can take this extra time  to work on their game.  Scrimmages must be pre-paid online prior to each session or no entry will be allowed. 

3rd/4th GRADE TRAINING (maximum player to trainer ratio 10:1)
This is a 1hr. class designed for 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls who are to advanced for the little dribblers class but not quite ready for small group training which starts in 5th grade. We will work on all of  the same skill development as the small group training . All players must register online at least 24 hours in advance.

3rd/4th grade basketball concepts class (seasonal)
This Class is designed for 3/4th grade players preparing to tryout for their CYO and middle school basketball team.  this class runs 6 weeks.  the first 45 minutes will be devoted to skill and team concept training by our professional trainers and then 45 minutes of coached scrimmaging.  ( Limit 20 players)

In the 1st hour our professional trainers will teach players the proper technique of shooting to create a consistent and reliable jumpshot. during this program we will be  breaking down the players shot.  We will start with form shooting and build the player up to a pure jump shot.  We will be working on proper footwork on the catch and shoot , off the dribble shooting and combo moves into the shot.  During the 2nd hour our trainers will teach the players the form of dribbling.  The players will be working on strengthening their body for proper dribbling. We will be working on a variety of dribbling drills starting with two ball dribbling, heavy ball dribbling, combo moves while dribbling, attacking the basket while dribbling and moving the defense with the dribble.  This program is designed for 6th – 12th grade boys and girls.  All players must register online at least 24 hours in advance.


These are 8 week 90 minute classes.   (the grade the player is currently in).  Boys and girls classes are separate.  Classes are limited to 20 players.  Week 1: Basketball terminology, positions, team drills, rebounding, different types of passing, lay ups and finishing at the basket (jump stops and pro step)  Week 2: defensive concepts, man to man shell defensive drill, positioning COMMUNICATION. Week 3: offensive concepts, motion offense (spacing, proper screens, passing and angles)  Week 4: transition offense, running the break (spacing, rim running, passing), team transition drill  Week 5: transition defense, defensive drills, stopping the break (defensive sprint, communication, picking up the ball, post defense (3/4 , fronting, slamming cutters)    Week 6: 2-3 zone defense (positioning and communication), zone offense (principles and philosophy). Week 7 & 8:Instructional scrimmage utilizing everything taught in weeks 1-6.

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